NatPro Study Team
Studying Approaches to IVF Treatment
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NatPro Study Team

NatPro is being conducted by a team of clinicians and scientists at multiple U.S. locations, and is led by Principal Investigator Val Baker, MD, at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland.

The NatPro Steering Committee is composed of the study chair and vice-chair, the directors of each of the seven clinical sites, the NIH project officer, and the director and deputy director of the data coordinating center:

Chairman's Office - Johns Hopkins Medicine (Baltimore, MD)
Clinical Site - Atrium Health (Charlotte, NC)
Clinical Site - Boston Fertility (Boston, MA)
Clinical Site - Center for Assisted Reproduction (Bedford, TX)
Clinical Site - Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH)
Clinical Site - Fertility Institute of Hawaii (Honolulu, HI)
Clinical Site - Johns Hopkins Medicine (Baltimore, MD)
Clinical Site - Northwestern University (Chicago, IL)
Clinical Site - Shady Grove Fertility (Rockville, MD)
Clinical Site - Stanford University (Sunnyvale, CA)
Clinical Site - University of California San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
Clinical Site - University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (Oklahoma City, OK)
Clinical Site - University of Rochester (Rochester, NY)
Clinical Site - West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV)
Clinical Site - Yale University (New Haven, CT)
Funding Agency - Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health and Development, NIH (Bethesda, MD)
Data Coordinating Center - Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (Baltimore, MD)
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